Our people

Shree Ram Mandir committee photo 2012-13
The mandir and the community centre is run by volunteers consisting of 5 Holding Trustees of which Dahyabhai J Patel is now the Chairman, 9 Executive members consisting of President, Vice & Deputy, Secretary & 2 assistants, Treasurer & 2 assistants and 16 committee members. President – Shree Amratlal J Mistry, Secretary- Shree Vasantlal K Mistry, Treasurers – Shree Morarji  B Patel; Mr Balubhai D Mistry & Ramanbhai B Patel


Mr Amratlal J Mistry has been President since 2005. Amratlal has overall responsibility for the organisation. Vice President: Mahendrabhai B Lad & Dep Vice President: Pravinbhai J Rana.


Mr Vasant K Mistry was treasurer until 2005, when he was selected to look after the role of Secretary.Vasant deals with all correspondence, organises committee meetings, and keeps minutes of all meetings. Asst Secretary: Pravinbhai D Patel, Dep Asst Secretary: Jagubhai N Patel.


MrMorarji B Patel & Balubhai  D Mistry look after the treasury functions, and maintain the financial records.


Trustees are: Dahyabhai J Patel; Narshibhai M Patel; Morarbhai S Patel; Dr Jayantibhai D Paw & Kantilal B Patel.