27th Patotsav Celebrations- 21st/28th May 2018

This year we are celebrating the 27th Anniversary of the inaugeration of the mandir, when we performed the 1st Pran Pratistha. (Installing the deities).


We will be holding a week long programme commencing on Monday 21st May to Sunday 28th May 2018.
To mark this milestone we have invited P.P. Shree Chinmayanand Bapu ji to impart his knowledge of our holy book, the Ramayana. We will incorporate our usual patotsav celebrations in the week. See Link to Temple Leaflet giving full details of this Week long celebration.

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2 Responses to 27th Patotsav Celebrations- 21st/28th May 2018

  1. srmwalsall says:

    Apologies for the delay in replying. Please see latest post. It is based on Bhagwad Gita, and extracts will be recited from it during the week long programme by Sant Shree Chinmayanand Bapu Ji. The Yoga session is open to all , and takes place every Thursday from 6.30pmto 8.30pm, and will recommence from Thursday 2nd June.

  2. srmwalsall says:

    The leaflet link in the latest post gives details but the katha timing is 3pm to 7pm on Monday 23rd to Saturday 28th May, and 10.00am to 1.00pm on Sunday 29th May.

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